We have ben providing legal services for over 38 years.
Family Law

Domestic Relations, Family Law, Divorce Law, Child Custody, Child Support, Contempt, Visitation, Child Visitation, Divorce, Modification of a Divorce Judgment, and Grandparent Visitation.

Probate Law

Probate Litigation, Wills & Estates; Trust Litigation, Estate Planning; Will Contests, Fiduciary Litigation, Suing fiduciaries, Suing estates, Claims against estates, and Estate administration.

We are also fully capabale to handle most General Practice issues associated with our cases.

We understand the feelings at play.

After over 38 years of experience in the fields of Probate Law and Family Law Litigation, we understand the intense emotions and feelings at play. In divorce and family law litigation, not only is your primary relationship being terminated and litigated, but the issues affect your life savings, amd the ability to be a parent to your own children. In Probate and Estate Litigation, especially those cases involving allegations of Elder abuse or undue influence, people find that they are litigating their relationship to those loved ones who gave them the Gift of Life.

We fight to bring closure.

While some attorneys will "stoke the flames" to increase legal fees, we take the opposite approach: Litigation is expensive and emotionally draining, especially in these areas. We advocate for our clients to enforce their rights, and bring them closure with a fair outcome. We will not antagonize the opposing parties and their counsel, as we recognize that that type of behavior only costs our clients more money and acrimony in the long run, and delays resolution. It is our mission, and our mandate, to be tough but fair in protecting and advocating out clients' rights.

Attorney Anthony Visconti graduated from Boston University Law School in 1978, and has been practicing law in Massachusetts for over 38 years.
Practice Areas
Estate Planning & Probate Litigation
Estate Planning is the planning of one's affairs for end-of-life issues, including preparation of legal documents for transitions and eventualities in one's life, and to arrange one's affairs for your loved ones.
Family Law
Family Law, or Domestic Relations, consists of the areas of Marriage, Divorce, Paternity, and Adoption. It emcompasses Divorce, property division, child custody and visitation, alimony, child support, prenuptial agreements, modifications of judgments, contempt, and determination of paternity.
Divorce Mediation
Estate Planning is the planning of ones affairs for end-of-life issues, including preparation of legal documents to prepare for transitions and eventualities in one's life, and to arrange one's affairs so as to ensure that your estate passes to your loved ones.

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Personal Attorney Lawyer

John Yannis

Debt Collection Attorney

Alan Pransky

Family Attorney

Joseph Bognanno

Estate Planning Attorney

Fabian Powell

Immigration Attorney

"I have in the past referred probate matters to Atty. Visconti. I have found his work to be knowledgeable and diligent, and his results to be superior. I would strongly recommend Atty. Visconti on matters relating to probate law and family law in Massachusetts."

Attorney Visconti shares his expert analysis of the latest changes in Massachusetts family law in his blog.

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