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During his distinguished career, Attorney Visconti has successfully handled litigation in a multiple of areas, including federal copyright law, criminal jury trials, personal injury verdicts, probate litigation in the State and Federal Courts, bankruptcy litigation, and, of course, domestic relations. He is a veteran of hundreds of trials, and has often obtained superior results. While his lifetime legal experience is quite diverse, he is now limiting his practice to domestic relations and probate law and litigation.

A sampling of his career cases follows...




1. In his first years as a young attorney, he took on a major broadcasting network and their large law firm in a copyright infringement case involving hundreds of cable stations. His efforts resulted in substantial settlement on behalf of the artist/composer.

2. In his first criminal jury trial as a young attorney, which lasted for three days, he obtained an acquittal of his young client who was charged with Assault & Battery on a Police Officer. Although three officers testified as to his guilt, Attorney Visconti convinced the jury to believe the civilian witnesses.

3. In his first ERISA case in Federal District Court, Attorney Visconti went up against one of the larger law firms and obtained Summary Judgment for his client in a 20-page opinion by the presiding Federal Judge. He also negotiated an award of attorneys fees from the other side.

4. A young man was acquitted by a jury of attempted larceny of a motor vehicle and possession of burglary tools, despite evidence which a lower court judge described as "overwhelming".

5. An opportunistic ex-boyfriend sued an estate of an elderly woman in Federal Court, seeking monies for "services rendered". Attorney Visconti's efforts in defending the estate resulted in the boyfriend recovering nothing.




1. A male client started his divorce with a pending restraining order and criminal charges, all brought by his wife, and had only weekend visitation with his daughter. He obtained full physical custody of his daughter a few months later. The Order was later confirmed as a final Judgment.

2. A head injury from a fall results in a recovery of over $170,000.00 after a one-week jury trial.

3. A professional athlete's estranged spouse made numerous attempts to bring restraining orders and criminal charges against him during their divorce, threatening his livelihood. Attorney Visconti's efforts prevented any restraining orders or criminal charges from being issued, and in fact resulted in a restraining order against the Wife!

4. A neck sprain from a car accident causing increased migraines in a woman with a previous history of same resulted in a mediated settlement of $200,000.00.

5. A distraught client whose lawyer-husband threatened her with poverty if she divorced him was awarded over 60% of their seven-figure marital estate.

6. A police officer working crowd control during the filming of a movie in Boston injures his back when struck by a car driven by a stunt driver. Attorney Visconti settles the case for $170,000.00 without even filing suit.

7. Attorney Visconti takes a pro bono case for a former divorcee fighting to maintain child support payments for an additional year. Noticing that she had never waived alimony in her original divorce, he obtained an alimony order for her over eight (8) years after her divorce, guaranteeing her over $100,000.00 in additional support over the next few years.


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John Yannis, Debt Collection Attorney

"I have worked with Tony Visconti for many years now. He is a model for lawyers, in his dedication and deep concern for his clients' interests. At the same time, he does not shy away from giving them the straight scoop when the news is bad. He is a persuasive and persistent advocate for his clients, and keeps working until he gets them the best he can get for them. I recommend him without hesitation."

Joseph Bognanno, Estate Planning Attorney

"I endorse this lawyer. Extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is a dedicated and compassionate advocate for his clients. Have and will continue to recommend him."

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