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Divorce Mediation is, to many legal and social practitioners, the future of resolving Family Law issues. Many feel that the adversary system of justice is not appropriate or optimal for resolving disputes in this area, where one does not necessarily "win" in disputes over custody or visitation. Divorce Mediation allows the parties to be heard in the safe presence of each other and a trained divorce mediator, and to reach an accommodation which they both can live with.



In issues of custody and visitation, this ensures that a mutual accommodation occurs which is more likely to be in the best interests of the children. Divorce Mediation is empowering: Instead of agreeing to what the attorneys advise will only be ordered by the judge anyway, the parties can tailor their settlement to their own unique needs. Divorce Mediation costs much less than litigation - in money, time, and stress - leaving the parties more resources to support their children and themselves.

Attorney Anthony Visconti is a trained and certified Divorce Mediator who has helped couples in the past who were disappointed with the adversary system. Mediation is an option that is more humane and rewarding for all concerned than the old adversarial litigation method. Judges prefer parties who can work things out on their own, which is especially important if the parties need to continue parenting their children in the years following the divorce.

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